Summary of Capabilities

  • Complete tool engineering capabilities to aid in economic and efficient design or redesign of your product.
  • Complete in-house tooling along with high-speed transfer presses to insure on-time delivery.
  • Quality programs in place from tooling through piece production.
  • Press capabilities up to 3.125 inches long to 3.750 inch blanks.

List of Capabilities

Engineering and Design

Every project – no matter how small the piece or quantity – requires critical evaluation and engineering expertise. This stage of the project ultimately effects the quality of the product, the speed in which it can be manufactured, and the final end product cost. Each operation is closely scrutinized so that every project is completed in the most timely and economical fashion.

At Line Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on the capability to perform every aspect of a project to even the most stringent of specifications. This philosophy has enabled us to help shape the metal industry for over 60 years.

Quality Assurance

The most important element at Line Manufacturing is our attention to quality. Every project is examined for functionality as well as accuracy. This is a two step process from the prototype stage through the actual manufacturing of each piece. Once we have determined that prototypes are within specification and are ready to run, the first step is complete.

Next during the actual production of an order, parts are gage checked at the machine in order to assure our customer’s part uniformity and accuracy. These “shop floor” quality procedures, prior to final inspection, are crucial steps to the success of every project at our plant and most importantly at our customers.

Precision Tooling

The Tool Room…where accuracy by the finest machines, instruments, and highly skilled technicians blend. From blueprint to the start of production, the tools for precision output depend on these mechanical experts. Our testing and gaging equipment represents the latest available for precise measurement and accuracy.

Mass Production

Centralized groups of various electronically controlled presses and eyelet machines combine to fabricate a host of metal products around the clock. Automatic step-by-step operations can produce from the simplest to the most intricate and complicated part.

High speeds and accuracies are achieved through constant updating and maintenance of the equipment. This centralized concept allows the complete manufacture of drawn shells, eyelets, stampings, and all secondary operations in a totally integrated environment.

Project Services

At Line Manufacturing, we feel every aspect of the project is an important service to our customers. These services range from initial consultation to material control to shipping. Our stock room is provided to insure clean, dry and orderly storage of our raw materials. This enables us to keep tight control of every large volume run, and assure that material costs are kept to a minimum.

Our cleaning department uses the most contemporary cleaning and deburring equipment to guarantee a quality finish on all parts produced. Our shipping department weights and ships thousands of pounds of parts each day on state-of-the-art electronic counting scales. Each order is packaged with easy handling, tracking, and safety in mind. Attention to every detail is why Line Manufacturing can boast the best service available in the industry.

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